#Great #News

We are happy to announce availability of AQuA 8.x that includes both AQuA and PVQA technology, providing additional information on #impairments in the #test audio that #affect human perception.
We encourage to try this version out by requesting an update for existing customers and trial version for new prospects.

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We have started 5G testing in Helsinki using DNA subscription. The tests are made in Herttoniemi / Kulosaari, Helsinki.


I am wondering how we at Sevana managed not to only #keep #business #continuity, but also consider hiring more colleagues. I have a strong confidence it’s because of the #personnel, the #people we have been and are choosing very carefully to join our team. People with strong self-organization #skills, responsibility, result-oriented are the #key for business continuity of a small business or a start-up. If you have a chance to form such a #team, borders, quarantines and other matters will not have a major effect to your business. Dear colleagues (current and future) I am pleased working with you. Thank you!



CEO Sevana