Sevana - your call quality partner

We have always been international – started in Finland in 2003 and then continued in Estonia since 2010. We had and still have international team and partners all over the World.

We have always thought that nothing is impossible and were not afraid of existing competition. We believe that real high-tech always has a chance to win.

In 2009 we introduced our first technology related to sound quality evaluation. Understanding of doing things right came when we got the first big client that built an automated call quality monitoring system based on our technology.

In 2015 we finalized and introduced a new technology that is even now unique on the market. It gives the ability to discover a lot of facts about call quality, issues and reasons for user quality of experience loss by comprehensive waveform analysis of real call speech signals.

Talking about nowadays we are still international, still working on new technologies to offer the markets and ready for the competition.

Recent years we kept working on quality improvement giving support to existing and new clients because there’s nothing better than making someone’s lives easier even if the best you can do is guarantee the highest quality of sound.
call quality testing