A. Call quality analysis and monitoring is all that you need from Sevana. Call quality analysis and monitoring are provided by our tools that use adaptive and comprehensive techniques.

A. As a company, we’ve been in business for more than ten years now, and we’re still going strong. Many call testing services are available, including AQuA, QualTest, and PVQA.

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A. As long as you provide us with 30 days’ notice in writing, you may end the contract at any time without penalty. This allows us to better allocate our resources.

A. These are fully automated probes (as well as mobile probes) that perform end-to-end and single-ended testing measuring QoS and QoE of communications. Refer to this FAQ regarding QoE for details.

A. Predictability is essential to keep doing it on a regular basis. With our tools and solutions for audio quality analysis you can do it regularly e.g. every hour, every day, or even in real-time. Make sure each probe receives the most current feedback and is working toward the next scheduled review. Keep at least two probes observing the quality of the work at all times, and of course, Sevana has got your back. AQuA is used for end-to-end testing. It is working in the same manner as POLQA and ViSQOL. Please refer to this FAQ further down regarding these technologies.

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A. Our call quality analysis and monitoring services are delivered quickly. Services will function smoothly as soon as all the paperwork and legal issues are taken care of. A single representative for you will oversee the post-installation procedure.

The MOS is expressed as a single rational number, typically in the range 1–5, where 1 is lowest perceived quality, and 5 is the highest perceived quality.

POLQA is the global standard for benchmarking voice quality of fixed, mobile and IP based networks. It was standardized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) as Recommendation P.863 in 2011 and can be applied for voice quality analysis of VoIP, HD Voice, 3G, 4G/VoLTE and 5G networks. Learn more about AQuA, which is an alternative technology for perceptual voice quality analysis.

Virtual Speech Quality Objective Listener (ViSQOL) is a signal-based, full-reference, intrusive metric that models human speech quality perception using a spectro-temporal measure of similarity between a reference and a test speech signal. In fact ViSQOL is a technology similar to POLQA and AQuA. Contact us to learn more about AQuA tool and receive free evaluation.

Quality of experience (QoE) is a measure of the delight or annoyance of a customer’s experiences with a service (e.g., in telecommunications it’s a phone call, stream broadcast e.t.c). QoE focuses on the entire service experience; it is a holistic concept, similar to the field of user experience.

ITU-T P.564 is an international standard for сonformance testing for voice over IP transmission quality assessment models. It utilizes both packet analysis and acoustic analysis of the call to predict more reliable MOS score than ITU-T G.107 (E-Model). Alternative technology for P.564 is a real-time library of PVQA Server.

ITU-T P.563 standard is a single-ended method for objective speech quality assessment in narrow-band telephony applications. However, PVQA is not limited by only narrow-band and is applicable for MOS prediction in all types of audio.