QualTest - mobile test probe solution consisting of mobile test probes, backend and frontend to automate mobile and VoIP tests

Sevana QualTest is a mobile test probe application that checks
current network conditions and estimates voice quality in mobile and VoIP networks

The platform is designed for end-to-end and single-end call testing, as well as for gathering and analyzing call audio quality metrics. Measure network metrics for VoIP calls and use waveform analysis to correlate audio problems with network conditions.

QualTest mobile test probe is an application for Android-powered devices that can work in both VoIP and cellular networks. A powerful tool for end-to-end and single-ended call testing. Fully functional frontend allows easy set up of tests specifying calling and called parties, reference audio and devices. Reporting shows overall quality MOS scores throughout different time periods, successful and failed test calls and speech-to-text engine provides information on call audio contents. The system works perfectly with unrooted and rooted mobile phones and analysis can be performed as on mobile device itself as well as on the devices it is connected to (e.g. Raspberry Pi in case of regular unrooted phones).

QualTest utilized by:
  •   Mobile operators
  •   Telecom service providers
  •   Telecom solution providers
  •   3G, 4G/LTE, 5G test and measurement
  •   Test engineers
QualTest designed for:
  •   Learning about voice quality in cellular or VoIP networks
  •   Discovering reasons for possible voice quality loss
QualTest provides:
  • Measuring network RTT, jitter and packet loss for VoIP calls
  • Finding MOS score using reference audio or real call audio
  • Waveform analysis to correlate audio problems with network conditions
  • Test mobile call quality in the field
  • Runing as test agent managed by Administrator dashboard
VoIP testing


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