PVQA Server - Realtime RTP QoE analysis and monitoring server

Sevana PVQA Server is a tool for call quality analysis and monitoring in realtime.

One can use it as the core of their quality analysis and monitoring system to detect and investigate QoE and QoS related issues. PVQA Server combines the power of audio waveform analysis using PVQA technology with continuous network monitoring.

PVQA Server utilized by:
  •   Mobile operators
  •   Telecom service providers
  •   Telecom solution providers
  •   3G, 4G/LTE, 5G test and measurement
  •   Researchers
PVQA Server designed for:
  •   Real-time call quality monitoring (alternative for P.564)
  •   Proactive maintenance based on non-intrusive
    waveform analysis
  •   Monitoring network and media quality simultaneously
  •   Matching network metrics (RTT, jitter, latency, packet loss) with payload metrics (noise, clipping, dead air, echo etc)

Real time call quality monitoring server

PVQA server is an intelligent solution to monitor voice / audio quality of RTP streams.

The monitoring server is a pure software solution not tied up to any particular hardware made to integrate non-intrusive quality monitoring easy. The server collects network statistics from RTP traffic and applies waveform analysis to audio inside RTP to predict media based MOS score and provide information on reasons for call quality degradation.

Within the same system one can monitor network QoS and user QoE in real time, or offline by built-in PCAP analyzer.

PVQA Server provides:
  • Detection of packet loss by payload analysis
  • Monitoring of network conditions by protocol introspection
  • Automatic alerts
  • Easy integration
  • Silent calls detection
  • Noisy calls detection
  • Dead air presence detection
  • Amplitude clipping detection
  • VAD clipping detection
  • Echo detection
  1. Savings in OPEX: no need to pay more to partners for questionable quality
  2. Revenue retention: prevent revenue loss by decreasing customer churn over unfair quality
  3. Savings in CAPEX: no need to invest more than required
  4. CAPEX justification: as an argument to prove investment
PVQA server supports
  • RTP / RTCP
  • IuUP embedded in RTP
  • SRTP
  • SIP
Works with a variety of codecs
  • G.711 / GSM 06.10 / G.722 /GSM HR / GSM EFR
  • iLBC / OPUS, etc.
VoIP testing


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