Sevana VQM - Voice Quality Monitoring

Sevana VQM Voice Quality Monitoring is an active call quality monitoring system

Use it to enable end-to-end call quality analysis and monitoring to detect and investigate QoE and QoS related issues. VQM server combines the force of audio waveform analysis using AQuA and PVQA technologies with continuous network monitoring.

The VQM feature gives information about the voice quality metrics related to media (voice) quality. With VQM, you can monitor & diagnose voice quality issues on your VoIP network.

Sevana VQM utilized by:
  •  VoIP service providers
  •   Telecom service providers
  •   Telecom solution providers
Sevana VQM designed for:
  •   Automated test dialing
  •   Custom test scenarios
  •   Monitoring network and media quality simultaneously
  •   Echo test, conference bridge test, IVR test
  •   Detailed in-depth view for each test call data

Sevana VQM Voice Quality Monitoring

Sevana VQM Voice Quality Monitoring is an intelligent solution for end-to-end call quality monitoring.

The monitoring server is a pure software solution not tied up to any particular hardware. Sevana VQM Voice Quality Monitoring is a means to easily enable intrusive call quality monitoring. The server collects network statistics from RTP traffic and applies waveform analysis to audio inside RTP. AQuA predicts media based MOS score and PVQA provides information on audio quality impairments that caused call quality degradation. One can access all system features using a handy GUI.

  • Dialing by SIP / PSTN
  • Scheduler with unlimited number of scheduled test scenarios
  • Automatic alerts
  • Easy integration
  • Impairments detection inside the payload
  • Reporting
  • Multiple MOS metrics
  • Performance of scheduled tests over time
  • Full call details
  • Online configuration
  • Comprehensive dialer software
  • Web Interface
  • UNIX/Linux Cron-based Schedule Logic
  • Source code
  • Monitoring Stats Charts
  • MySQL Database for Call Records
  • Export and integration using CSV or HTTP webhook
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