AQuA library

Cross platform, simple but powerful tool to provide intrusive perceptual voice quality analysis. Since 2009 is used by our clients for call quality assessment in telecommunications networks.
call quality testing

Create parameters profile that best suits your operation environment to achieve accurate MOS scores

Language independence

Monitor the quality of calls in any language

call quality testing
call quality testing
Root cause analysis​

Automate call quality assessment and ease problem root cause identification

Easy integration

Develop your own call quality monitoring solutions based on AQuA technology according to your business needs

call quality testing

PVQA library

A unique powerful tool for non-intrusive evaluation of voice quality by waveform analysis. Real-time analysis PVQA RTP library allows mapping network metrics with audio impairments that influenced the call quality.
call quality testing
Real-time network statistics

Learn about network MOS and variety of
waveform KPIs related to impairments that affect voice quality in real-time


Add proactive maintenance layer based on PVQA call quality monitoring and let your support engineers be notified when call quality issues prevail in conversation

VoIP call quality
call quality testing
Quality issue root-cause discovery

Based on impairments analysis speed up problem root-cause identification, discover packet loss patterns inside the call audio

Flexible setup


Integrate PVQA library into existing system or create a new one suitable for any hardware and OS

call quality testing

PCAP Analyser

This tool estimates voice quality of calls in a PCAP file.
call quality testing
Stream parse

Find network MOS and Sevana MOS for all streams. Match network metrics with waveform analysis.

Pattern discovery

Generate call quality related big data and discover impairments patterns

VoIP call quality
VoIP call quality
Suitable for all networks

Monitor the quality of calls in any type of network with a great variety of codecs supported

PVQA Server

A tool for real-time call quality monitoring. Seamless analysis of VoIP or mobile traffic represented as RTP stream.
call quality testing
Real-time reporting and alerting

Let your team be notified about quality related issues in real time

Impairments detection

Detect silent and noisy calls, dead air, amplitude clipping and echo with one tool

call quality testing
call quality testing

Monitor network and audio quality simultaneously