Quick and easy audio quality analysis by comparing reference (original quality) audio file with the file under test.
call quality testing

Test very short and very long calls in any language.

Testing across multiple devices and networks

Waveform analysis works seamlessly for
VoLTE, VoWiFi, RCS or any other technology

VoIP call quality
call quality testing
Reliable MOS

Receive objective MOS according to P.800 standard


Powerful utility to analyze quality of large number of audio files without comparison versus original (reference) audio.
VoIP call quality
Power of analysis

Find out call records with bad quality among thousands of audio files in seconds

Single-ended analytics

Evaluate audio quality without reference

VoIP call quality
call quality testing
Multiple impairments detection

Learn about noisy call, dead air, amplitude clipping, silent call and other issues affecting user QoE

PCAP Analyzer

Powerful tool to analyze voice streams recorded in PCAP files. On top of network metrics and standard E-model MOS one receives waveform analysis of all the audio streams and metrics related to reasons for audio quality degradation.
call quality testing
Stream parse

Analyse all streams including network metrics based  E-Model MOS and Sevana PVQA MOS based on waveform analysis

Pattern discovery

Generate call quality related big data and discover impairments patterns affecting QoE

VoIP call quality
VoIP call quality
Suitable for all networks

Monitor the quality of calls in any type of network with a great variety of codecs supported


With QualTest SIP and QualTest GSM one can quickly and easily setup probes for call quality monitoring.
call quality testing
Both active and passive monitoring methods

Use the advantages of AQuA and PVQA tools implemented in one solution

Save on test automation

Save on automated mobile-to-mobile tests without human interaction, avoid overheads in a fully automated system

VoIP call
call quality testing
Service assurance and automation

Monitor network performance and apply proactive troubleshooting reducing impacts of human interaction

Easy installation and test results share

Integrate QualTest into any system and automatically share test results data with your engineers

call quality testing