Solutions for call quality monitoring

Sevana tools and technologies enable comprehensive waveform call quality analysis and monitoring for telecom solution and service providers Worldwide

Vast call quality monitoring both on audio and protocol levels
Passive real-time and active scheduled call quality analysis
Call quality problem root cause analysis
Reliable network and payload MOS
Mobile-to-mobile call quality tests


AQuA, QualTest and PVQA Server are Sevana products used in call quality monitoring systems and solutions Worldwide

More than 8 years we provide our clients with the reliable technologies and monitoring tools which help them to achieve competitive advantages and the highest level of customer satisfaction. In-house research and development let us offer cutting-edge innovative technologies to improve quality of modern communications..

Mobile Operators

VoIP Service Providers

Solution Providers



Enable real-time call quality analysis

Benchmark your VoIP network

Apply proactive troubleshooting

Automate mobile-to-mobile testing

Test 5G calls

Make end-to-end tests