In today’s interconnected world, reliable voice communication is essential for businesses, individuals, and service providers. Whether it’s a mobile call or a VoIP conversation, ensuring high-quality voice transmission is crucial. Enter Sevana QualTest, a cutting-edge solution designed to evaluate voice quality and network performance. In this article, we’ll explore the features, use cases, and metrics associated with QualTest.

Features of Sevana QualTest

  1. Mobile Test Probe: QualTest serves as a mobile test probe, compatible with Android-powered devices. It seamlessly integrates into both cellular and VoIP networks, allowing comprehensive testing.
  2. End-to-End and Single-Ended Testing: QualTest offers flexibility by supporting both end-to-end and single-ended call testing. Whether you need to assess the entire communication path or focus on specific segments, QualTest has you covered.
  3. User-Friendly Frontend: The intuitive frontend simplifies test setup. Users can specify calling and called parties, reference audio, and devices effortlessly. The frontend also provides real-time insights during testing.
  4. Detailed Reporting and Analysis: QualTest generates comprehensive reports, including overall quality Mean Opinion Score (MOS) over different time periods. It highlights successful and failed test calls, aiding troubleshooting efforts. Additionally, the system can analyze call audio contents using speech-to-text engines.
  5. Compatibility: QualTest works with both rooted and unrooted mobile phones. Analysis can be performed directly on the mobile device or on connected devices (e.g., Raspberry Pi for regular unrooted phones).

Use Cases

  1. Mobile Operators: QualTest empowers mobile operators to monitor call quality across their networks. By identifying bottlenecks and issues, operators can enhance user experience.
  2. Telecom Service Providers: Telecom providers leverage QualTest to assess voice quality in cellular and VoIP networks. It helps them optimize their services and maintain customer satisfaction.
  3. Telecom Solution Providers: Solution providers integrate QualTest into their offerings, ensuring robust voice quality testing for their clients.
  4. Test Engineers: QualTest is a valuable tool for test engineers involved in call quality assessment. It aids in diagnosing network-related problems and optimizing voice services.

Metrics and Analysis

  1. Network Metrics: QualTest measures critical network parameters, including Round-Trip Time (RTT), jitter, and packet loss for VoIP calls. These metrics directly impact call quality.
  2. Mean Opinion Score (MOS): QualTest calculates MOS scores, providing a quantitative measure of voice quality. Users can choose between reference audio or real call audio for MOS estimation.
  3. Waveform Analysis: By analyzing waveforms, QualTest correlates audio problems with network conditions. This helps pinpoint issues affecting voice quality.


Sevana QualTest is a game-changer in the field of voice quality assessment. Its versatility, detailed reporting, and compatibility make it indispensable for telecom professionals. Whether you’re an operator, service provider, or test engineer, QualTest ensures crystal-clear voice communication in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Mobile-to-mobile test and monitoring

Would you like to setup mobile-to-mobile test call or monitor end-to-end call quality on a set of mobile phones?
Sevana QualTest is the solution that lets you establish this within one business day and receive full details on the quality score (MOS) and audio issues that have potentially degraded the call quality.
Analysis is performed directly on the phone, or one can have multiple phones connected to an USB port to make simultaneous tests.
All test results are aggregated directly at the backend of your choice.This can be Sevana QualTest backend or your existing monitoring solution.
Another option is to use one of easy integrations of QualTest, which our clients prefer most.

Contact us for more details.

QualTest – Mobile Test Probe

Sevana QualTest mobile test probe is an application that checks current network conditions and estimates voice quality in mobile and VoIP networks. If your goal is to set up end-to-end or single-ended automated tests, receive test results at any backend of your choice, manage tests and watch test results and reporting at a friendly GUI, then QualTest is a good fit.

Keep an eye on call quality with

How to make mobile test call from one mobile phone to another?
Using Sevana QualTest it is easy:

✅Measures quality of mobile calls with regular non-rooted Android phones and iPhones
✅Enables uploads and shares test results
✅Runs both active (with reference audio) and passive tests
✅May be integrated with QualTest Host and correspondent Backend to automate making and receiving mobile test calls
✅Measures quality of mobile calls in the field
Within QualTest one can easily setup these two test scenarios:
🔊 initiate test calls and measure MOS when installed as system application. It is available on rooted phones only. One can view / share / upload test results right from the phone.
🔊 initiate and accept calls without analysis on mobile phone. Rooted phone is NOT required. In this mode application notifies its desktop (Raspberry Pi) counterpart (Qualtest Host, further down QH) about progress of the call. QH handles audio streams via cable adapter and communicates with backend.

How to quickly setup SIP / VoIP call quality testing?

Using QualTest it’s easy:
🔘 Quick way to measure quality of SIP / VoIP call without installing complex software solutions
🔘 Runs on Linux (including ARM builds)/ macOS/ Windows operating systems:
🔘 Quality measurement is based on Sevana waveform analysis technology and network statistics such as packet loss, jitter etc (E-Model)
Keep an eye on call quality with


What are Sevana call quality testing offerings?
We are happy to offer all kinds of tools to test call quality in any network: VoIP, GSM, 5G, satellite
🔹 Vast call quality monitoring both on audio and protocol levels
🔹 Passive real-time and active scheduled call quality analysis
🔹 Call quality problem root cause analysis
🔹 Reliable network and payload MOS
🔹 Mobile-to-mobile call quality tests

Sevana QualTest is a mobile testprobe GSM VoIP application that checks current network conditions and estimates voice quality in mobile and VoIP networks. The platform is designed for end-to-end and single-end call testing, as well as for gathering and analyzing call audio quality metrics. Measure network metrics for VoIP calls and use waveform analysis to correlate audio problems with network conditions.

QualTest mobile test probe is an application for Android-powered devices that can work in both VoIP and cellular networks. A powerful tool for end-to-end and single-ended call testing. Fully functional frontend allows easy set up of tests specifying calling and called parties, reference audio and devices. Reporting shows overall quality MOS scores throughout different time periods, successful and failed test calls and speech-to-text engine provides information on call audio contents. The system works perfectly with unrooted and rooted mobile phones and analysis can be performed as on mobile device itself as well as on the devices it is connected to (e.g. Raspberry Pi in case of regular unrooted phones).