PCAP Analyzer - Passive Voice Quality Analysis
PCAP Analyzer – Passive Voice Quality Analysis

Sevana PCAP Analyzer: Pinpointing Audio Impairments and Unveiling Quality of Experience Issues Beyond Network Problems


In the realm of audio communications, ensuring high-quality sound and a seamless user experience is paramount. While network issues often contribute to audio impairments, they are not the sole culprits. Sevana PCAP Analyzer, an advanced tool designed for PCAP file analysis, goes beyond traditional network analysis by accurately pinpointing audio impairments and notifying users about potential quality of experience (QoE) issues, even when the network appears problem-free. This article delves into the capabilities of Sevana PCAP Analyzer and highlights how it revolutionizes the identification and resolution of audio-related problems.

  1. Unveiling Audio Impairments:

Sevana PCAP Analyzer employs sophisticated algorithms and signal processing techniques to detect and identify audio impairments within captured network traffic. By analyzing PCAP files, the tool can uncover a wide range of audio-related problems such as packet loss, jitter, latency, and echo, among others. These impairments can significantly degrade the quality of audio communications and adversely impact user experience. With Sevana PCAP Analyzer, network analysts gain a deeper understanding of the audio stream and can identify the root causes of impairments with precision.

  1. Pinpointing Non-Network Related Issues:

One of the unique strengths of Sevana PCAP Analyzer (unlikely Wireshark f.e.) lies in its ability to detect audio impairments and QoE issues that are not directly related to the network. Even in scenarios where network metrics indicate optimal performance, users may still experience poor audio quality. The tool analyzes audio signals within PCAP files to identify artifacts, distortions, and anomalies that might arise from codec issues, faulty hardware, software glitches, or other non-network factors. By accurately pinpointing these non-network related problems, Sevana PCAP Analyzer helps streamline troubleshooting efforts and ensures a superior audio experience for end-users.

  1. Real-Time Quality of Experience Monitoring:

Sevana PCAP Analyzer incorporates real-time monitoring capabilities to assess the quality of audio communications during live sessions. By capturing and analyzing network traffic in real-time, the tool provides immediate notifications and alerts about potential QoE and QoS issues. This proactive approach enables network administrators and support teams to intervene promptly, preventing a negative impact on user satisfaction. Sevana PCAP Analyzer offers a comprehensive set of metrics, including audio quality scores and MOS (Mean Opinion Score), to quantify the perceived quality and facilitate precise QoE monitoring.

  1. Detailed Analysis and Reporting:

Sevana PCAP Analyzer offers an array of analysis features that provide in-depth insights into audio impairments and QoE issues. The tool enables users to visualize audio metrics, and perform statistical analysis. Additionally, it generates comprehensive reports that capture the analysis results, facilitating documentation and sharing of findings with relevant stakeholders. These reports serve as valuable references for ongoing optimization efforts and troubleshooting collaborations.

  1. Integration and Collaboration:

Sevana PCAP Analyzer supports seamless integration with existing network analysis tools, audio processing systems, and communication platforms. This integration allows users to correlate audio impairments with network performance metrics, facilitating a holistic view of audio quality and enabling efficient troubleshooting. Moreover, the tool promotes collaboration among network analysts, audio engineers, and support teams by providing shared access to PCAP files, analysis results, and reports, thereby fostering a collaborative environment for problem resolution.


Sevana PCAP Analyzer goes beyond traditional network analysis by accurately identifying audio impairments and shedding light on quality of experience issues, even when the network seems problem-free. With its ability to pinpoint non-network related problems, provide real-time monitoring, offer detailed analysis, and support integration and collaboration, Sevana PCAP Analyzer empowers organizations to deliver exceptional audio quality and ensure a superior user experience. By leveraging the capabilities


Messenger-to-messenger testing. How to test messenger-to-messenger voice and video calls?

This is how you can learn about your customers experience during the audio / video calls and find thin points and bottle necks in your service.

No call recordings, no privacy violation, but full details on the user quality of experience: low types of MOS scores (QoS and QoE), reasons for call quality degradation, pinpoints at the parts of the call audio where the quality had issues.

We promise easy and flexible integration into your messenger.


Do you have a hardware solution that records RTP call traffic in real-time? Enable QoE analysis to real-time RTP recording.

Are you happy with the E-Model quality scoring? Try out our user experience metrics. This will give you a competitive advantage and won’t take much effort for integration. Matching network conditions (E-Model, packet loss etc) with user experience (our analysis is based on actual call audio) will give you full picture on your network and user quality of experience (QoE).

Call center agents quality monitoring: do you have a call center that records customer calls and your agents complain about call quality?

Figuring out call quality issues, problematic routes might be much easier with Sevana PVQA technology.
Setting up massive call recording analysis is a matter of a couple of minutes. In return one receives audio quality score (MOS) and report on audio impairments that influenced the call quality.
By the end of the analysis, you will have full picture on the calls that had most of the problems in quality and potential reasons for them. Interested in receiving this information in real-time? This just simple with PVQA technology implemented for real-time traffic analysis. Contact us for more information.

How to setup real-time RTP monitoring?

One can easily setup real-time RTP monitoring using Sevana PVQA Server to receive information on calls with QoS (packet loss, jitter etc) and QoE (noise, dead air, echo etc) issues.

Unlikely other systems PVQA Server provides two quality metrics represented as two MOS scores: E-Model based MOS and PVQA MOS derived from call audio analysis.

With detailed statistics one can even figure out at what time of the call noise, echo, clipping or e.g. clicking took place.

Real-time alerting will immediately notify about quality issues of the monitored traffic. Book a demo here.

Mobile-to-mobile test and monitoring

Would you like to setup mobile-to-mobile test call or monitor end-to-end call quality on a set of mobile phones?
Sevana QualTest is the solution that lets you establish this within one business day and receive full details on the quality score (MOS) and audio issues that have potentially degraded the call quality.
Analysis is performed directly on the phone, or one can have multiple phones connected to an USB port to make simultaneous tests.
All test results are aggregated directly at the backend of your choice.This can be Sevana QualTest backend or your existing monitoring solution.
Another option is to use one of easy integrations of QualTest, which our clients prefer most.

Contact us for more details.

QualTest – Mobile Test Probe

Sevana QualTest mobile test probe is an application that checks current network conditions and estimates voice quality in mobile and VoIP networks. If your goal is to set up end-to-end or single-ended automated tests, receive test results at any backend of your choice, manage tests and watch test results and reporting at a friendly GUI, then QualTest is a good fit.

Keep an eye on call quality with sevana.biz

Sevana Digital Signal Processing for Telecommunications

What is Sevana offering?

We offer knowledge and experience of our scientists and developers to solve complex software tasks in telecom, digital signal processing and other areas that require the unique skills we have.⠀

We are experts in:⠀
•⠀Audio processing and Digital Signal Processing⠀
• VoIP and SIP client and server systems development⠀
•⠀High performance network programming and real-time systems
•⠀System architecture design⠀
•⠀Complex algorithms design and development⠀

Working with us means:⠀
•⠀Access to experts with 20+ years of experience⠀
•⠀Access to Sevana knowledge base⠀
•⠀Access to Sevana base of libraries and algorithms⠀
•⠀Professional management⠀
•⠀Reliable SDLC⠀
Contact us for more details on Sevana Digital Signal Processing for Telecommunications

C++ wrapper for libevent library

Sevana is sharing with open source community its tiny C++ wrapper for libevent library under MIT license. This helps us  to quickly build HTTP clients and servers reducing development costs due to API simplicity and integration. We actively use it in our products to provide high performance HTTP processing.

Visit repository