Register to our webinar on how to measure caller’s quality of experience (QoE).
This time we’ll show how to setup an end-to-end call quality testing and monitoring in mobile networks.
We’ll present and discuss QualTest GSM, show how one can turn an ordinary Android smartphone into a mobile test probe, demonstrate standard (3G / 4G / 5G) agnostic  end-to-end test calls, and how the QoE metrics are collected and aggregated by QualTest solution.

#Great #News

We are happy to announce availability of AQuA 8.x that includes both AQuA and PVQA technology, providing additional information on #impairments in the #test audio that #affect human perception.
We encourage to try this version out by requesting an update for existing customers and trial version for new prospects.

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We have started 5G testing in Helsinki using DNA subscription. The tests are made in Herttoniemi / Kulosaari, Helsinki.