Recently we announced about 50% discount to all of our products and services to assist companies faster and easier implement call quality monitoring in their networks. As another measure to support the Global Community we start sharing our skills in system integration and development. We are ready to share our expertise and knowledge base in developing complex algorithms, real-time and high load systems. We promise to reply to every request you send us by email or contact form.

At Sevana we realize the complexity of operations caused by #COVID-19 infection, quarantines and the fact that most of the people are forced to work from home these days. Under these conditions #quality of #communication has a much higher importance and value. In order to #support the #Global #Community Sevana will take several actions. As the primary measure starting from March 16, 2019 we #drop #prices for all our call quality analysis and monitoring tools and technologies by 50%. Please contact us to quickly enable #real-time #passive or #endtoend scheduled #call #quality #monitoring. We’ll be #happytohelp anybody in need for our tools and technologies.

Visit our stand, meet the team, learn how we help our customers to keep their clients happy and much more: 
  • new in AQuA for end-to-end call quality testing
  • matching network and payload analysis metrics with PVQA Server
  • enabling Whatsup, Viber, Skype mobile to mobile call quality test with objective MOS and impairments analysis
  • introducing Sevana mobile test probe for mobile device
See you in Barcelona in 2018!