Sevana Digital Signal Processing for Telecommunications

What is Sevana offering?

We offer knowledge and experience of our scientists and developers to solve complex software tasks in telecom, digital signal processing and other areas that require the unique skills we have.⠀

We are experts in:⠀
•⠀Audio processing and Digital Signal Processing⠀
• VoIP and SIP client and server systems development⠀
•⠀High performance network programming and real-time systems
•⠀System architecture design⠀
•⠀Complex algorithms design and development⠀

Working with us means:⠀
•⠀Access to experts with 20+ years of experience⠀
•⠀Access to Sevana knowledge base⠀
•⠀Access to Sevana base of libraries and algorithms⠀
•⠀Professional management⠀
•⠀Reliable SDLC⠀
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C++ wrapper for libevent library

Sevana is sharing with open source community its tiny C++ wrapper for libevent library under MIT license. This helps us  to quickly build HTTP clients and servers reducing development costs due to API simplicity and integration. We actively use it in our products to provide high performance HTTP processing.

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Are you into conversational analysis?
Do you have millions of call recordings that you like to range based on audio quality?
Sevana PVQA is the tool that can analyze hours of recorded audio in a couple of minutes.
Request a call with our team to learn more about call recordings quality analysis and other related technologies for audio quality assessment.