AQuA perfectly suits IVR systems testing when one has a reference audio (original quality IVR prompt) to compare with the recorded audio. But how to validate IVR prompt quality if there is no reference to compare with? However, there is a possibility to validate IVR prompt quality even without comparison by using Sevana PVQA. It is just the same way as one analyzes voice quality of call recordings, because PVQA can forecast a quality score by waveform analysis of a single audio file. Contact us to learn more!

IVR prompt verification and IVR prompt test automation are quite common tasks, however, there is probably no particular tool to make it really easy. And this is because you might have not heard about Sevana AQuA.
General purpose of AQuA is to analyze quality of the test audio by comparing it with the reference of original quality. However, unlike other similar tools one can use AQuA for IVR prompt verification, because comparing different audio files will naturally result in low quality score. Using AQuA for IVR prompt verification you verify the prompt and test connection quality within the same test call.

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