How to find call issues that affect perception?

How to find call issues that affect callers’ perception?

Sevana PVQA analysis detects and informs about such annoying problems inside the call audio as:

VAD clipping – this impairment detects incorrect work of Voice Activity Detector (VAD). Detector finds edges of active and inactive fragments of the signal considering VAD worked too late (in the beginning of the speech) or too early (in the end of the speech).

Clicking – is a single energy spike in the spectrum of the audio, which may happen for different reasons.
Audio gaps – is a zero-signal level inside speech, a gap in speech that may be caused by different reasons.
Dead air – is a constant signal level inside speech and may have positive and negative value.
Noise – this means that noise level present in the call affects human perception and disturbs the caller.

… and will also let you discover patterns of impairments specific to certain suppliers, partners, or other networks:

Click + DeadAir-01 – high probability that packet loss affected the call audio
Click + VAD clipping – possible packet loss