What is it?

It is an intelligent solution for service providers to manage voice/audio quality based on waveform analysis of audio signals

Why does one need it?

Voice/audio quality remains the main and the most influential service attribute despite of mobile Internet booming

What are practical outcomes?

  • Savings in OPEX: no need to pay more to partners for questionable quality
  • Revenue retention: prevent revenue loss by decreasing customer churn over unfair quality
  • Savings in CAPEX: no need to invest more than required
  • CAPEX justification: as an argument to prove investment

Monitoring server is a purely software solution not tied up to any particular hardware made to integrate non-intrusive quality monitoring easy. The server collects network statistics from RTP packets and applies waveform analysis to predict media based MOS score and provide information on audio quality impairments that caused call quality degradation.

The server supports

  • RTP / RTCP
  • IuUP embedded in RTP
  • SRTP

and works with various codecs including

  • G.711 / GSM 06.10 / G.722
  • iLBC / OPUS

Waveform approach assists in root cause analysis, impairments patterns discovery providing media quality metrics for every 5 or 10 seconds of ongoing call.

Sample scheme of server operation


Performance information, I/O API and other details are available upon request.



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