AQuA is your means for quick, easy and inexpensive set up of end-to-end voice and audio quality testing. Objective voice quality with AQuA is simple and accurate:

AQuA enables accurate measurement of end-to-end voice quality due to several factors:

  • Applicable for codecs, VoIP, PSTN, GSM, LTE, Sattelite quality assessment
  • Accurate in predicting MOS score (predictions made to P.800 MOS)
  • Takes into account noise and packet loss
  • Considers variable delays
  • Considers effect of analog elements
  • Support for variable sampling rate (up to 192kHz in case of AQuA Wideband)
  • Considers loudness loss
  • Claims to be a successor for PESQ , PEAQ, POLQA
  • Available as a web service

Using AQuA in VoIP lets you:

  • Monitor call quality and different terminations
  • Monitor call quality at conference bridges
  • Make sure call quality is good in your network and distortion comes from PSTN, mobile gateways
  • Load test your PBX before deployment and know in advance how many calls your hardware and software can support before call quality gets worse
  • Select routes based on call quality MOS score

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Call quality monitoring using AQuA

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