Smart City solutions by Sevana

After more than 10 years of experience in call quality assurance we offer our technologies to improve well-being of Smart City citizens.

Smart City Quality of Experience

Measuring noise, pollution, managing trash collection and sorting and many other things are devoted to improve quality of life and well-being. What goal can be better in the 21st century? However, what can a deeply high-tech sector do to contribute? Here are just a few options how a telecom QoS and QoE call quality monitoring can significantly improve the Quality of Life.
call quality testing

European emergency number. Reason for short calls discovery.

“112”, the European emergency number that citizens of all 28 member states call for immediate assistance from fire brigade, medical team, or the police. In many cases operators receive short calls when callers make the call and hang up. How to discover the reason for that? The simplest way is to discover impairments that may influence call quality during the call, because “silent call” may be caused by network problems, “noisy call” may be due to background noise, or another reason. There may be several cases of “dead air” that one can also track and make a decision that may save somebody’s life. As PoC we would offer discovery of reasons for short calls and propose to run a study among “112” emergency number operators for other important impairments they would like to have detected during the call. The technology is already there and working for many telecom service providers. Let us improve the service that saves people’s life.

Messenger-to-messenger Call Quality Monitoring in Smart City regions.

Mobile networks are rapidly developing and soon 5G implementations will cover more and more countries in Europe. Higher Internet speed, new services, IoT. The higher the speed of mobile Internet, the better the QoS of mobile network the more people will prefer making messenger-to-messenger calls rather than just mobile. Even despite the fact that there is no roaming in Europe these days messengers give extra features that users value while paying only for Internet traffic. However, there are many different mobile operators working in the same area, there are many different messengers that users prefer, how can Smart City improve the quality of life, decrease amount of stress for the citizens willing to communicate using messenger on their mobile phone? One can easily place Smart City concept above mobile operators or messenger vendors by monitoring messenger-to-messenger call quality on a regular basis and giving Smart City citizen on demand information on the quality rating depending on available operator and messenger in the area of Smart City. The technology is already there, it’s just the right time to start implementing the solution.

call quality testing