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We are focusing on audio and voice quality analysis, testing, monitoring and measurement product portfolio with in-house software development and research in the area.

Voice and audio quality assessment software

Discover outstanding benefits using our voice and audio quality assessment software!

Innovative high-end products

Sevana offers a set of high quality products targeting SME niche.

Asterisk solutions

We are experienced in developing Asterisk based software and Asterisk open source PBX based solutions..


AQuA – Audio Quality Analyzer

aquaAQuA is a simple but powerful tool to provide perceptual voice quality analysis and sound files comparison in terms of audio quality. This is the easiest way to compare two audio files and test voice quality between reference and test files.

Perceptual voice quality measurement is a way to calculate MOS scores and typically one must use quite expensive hardware / software solutions provided by the World leaders in this technology or (in most of the cases) their resellers, unless one has in-house developed technology similar to ITU-T P.862 / P.863 / P.563 recommendations.

Sevana VQM Solution

Sevana VQM Solution enables QoS feature and automated voice quality monitoring in your VoIP network. Based on open source products and powered with Sevana AQuA and PVQA Sevana VQM Solution provides active and passive monitoring of calls quality in your network.

  • Asterisk-powered dialer software
  • Web Interface
  • UNIX/Linux Cron-based Schedule Logic
  • Open-Source Code
  • Graphing Monitoring Stats
  • MySQL Database for Call Records

PVQA – Passive Voice Quality Analysis

Call quality monitoring systems are often based on some algorithm that gives monosemantic feedback whether the quality is good or bad, and most probably as a MOS score. In such case the only option that comes to one’s mind are algorithms and models proposed by respectful ITU-T.

However, we would like to give you a better option. Control and monitor call quality passively by detecting various voice quality impairments and if required turn analysis into customized MOS score calculator.

QualTest - Mobile Test Probe

Sevana QualTest is a mobile test probe application which checks current network conditions and estimates voice quality in mobile networks. QualTest is a mobile application for Android powered devices that can work in both VoIP and cellular networks.


Sevana's AQuA has been an asset to CallFire Inc. in our quest to assess audio quality on a continual basis.

After months of searching for an effective audio scoring tool, we were pleasantly surprised with the efficiency and value found in AQuA.

Working with Sevana was uncomplicated, and the initial trial setup was well supported. Following the preliminary trial period, we implemented AQuA into our permanent automated audio quality infrastructure.

AQuA allows CallFire to monitor audio quality on our network in real-time, which accentuates our ability to respond to concerns in real-time. After utilizing AQuA for a year, we've been able to detect and subsequently resolve numerous issues surrounding audio quality. AQuA is an invaluable and reliable tool, at a more than justifiable cost. Shannon Donohue
CallFire Solutions Team


We make the closed World of voice and audio quality analysis open

We let telecom service providers get freedom in selecting tools for voice quality analysis

We let telecom service providers to have their own customized technologies, designed and developed for their exact needs.

We have developed alternative perceptual model for voice and audio quality analysis that outperforms commonly used ones in many cases.

Our technology gives answer to audio quality level providing MOS scores according to P.800 standard and additional metrics related to reasons for quality loss and spectrum analysis.


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