5G Call Quality Analysis And Monitoring By Sevana

After more than 10 years of experience in call quality assurance we
introduce our tools and solutions for call quality testing and monitoring
in 5G networks.


Tool for 5G testing with advanced features enables mobile operators to learn about real experience of their customers
call quality testing

Real-time monitoring of 5G network

Be the first who learns about customer-impacting quality issues in your network. Fix the problem prior your customers start complaining reducing operational costs

Reliable MOS and variety of KPIs related to the voice quality in your network

Analyze live traffic in details. Learn about echo, noise, jitter and silent calls in the moment when they occur.

call quality testing
call quality testing

Automated mobile-to-mobile testing in 5G network

Create your own call quality monitoring system according to your business needs in a short term.

Use both drive testing and real-time monitoring

Make mobile-to-mobile drive tests in the field and analyze live traffic in details. Map network KPIs with audio quality metrics. Discover quality issue patterns.

call quality testing
call quality testing

Experience flexibility of integration into existing systems

Add waveform analysis and impairments detection into your existing system with least effort.