Sevana VQM -- Sevana Voice Quality Monitoring


  • Specialized dialer software
  • Web Interface
  • UNIX/Linux Cron-based Schedule Logic
  • Delivered with Source Code
  • Monitoring Stats Charts
  • MySQL Database for Call Records
  • Export and integration using CSV or HTTP webhook

Current Features

  • Dial by SIP / PSTN
  • QoS/MOS Test-Dialing
  • Scheduler ā€“ unlimited number of scheduled test scenarios
  • Qualtest – inbound test calls from Android application
  • Multiple test scenarios:
      • Conference bridge access with two legs and delay testing
      • IVR: Customized DTMF patterns allow testing through IVR menus
      • Echo/mirror tests
      • Customized tests
  • Reporting
  • Performance of scheduled tests over time
  • Detailed graphs over time
  • Multiple MOS metrics:
    • AQuA
    • PVQA
    • G.107
  • AQuA MOS, PVQA MOS, G.107 MOS, Volume/Amplitude Difference
  • Sortable result tables for all calls
  • Detailed view for each test callMultiple MOS metrics:
  • PVQA user experience analysis
    • Silent call
    • Noise
    • Echo
    • VAD clipping
    • Clicking
    • Amplitude clipping
    • Dead air
  • Embedded web player; waveform comparison for reference and test WAVs
  • Alerting by test failure or MOS threshold

Call Details

  • ID
  • Test name
  • Trunk
  • Disposition
  • Graphical wave form
  • Call duration
  • Ringtime
  • MOS
  • Date/TIme of call placement
  • Post Dial Delay

Compare Waveforms

  • Visualize major waveforms differences
    • Reference
    • Trimmed Test
    • Raw Test
  • Compare files by listening

Visualized reporting

  • Visualize call quality scores
    • MOS scores
    • Percentage of quality similarity
    • Volume
    • Combined report
  • For each call listed in the table one can download comparison recordings, and view details of the errors causing the quality loss in the log for each test
  • Scheduler setup and configuration
  • Edit Test Scheduler
    • Setup Test Data
    • Configure Test Schedule
    • Setup Timing


  • Flexible Custom Development / Extension Options
  • Offered as software or appliance
  • Cost-effective
  • Fast deployment
  • Open source based

Upcoming Features

  • Advanced Reporting Dashboard
  • Blast-Dialing ā€“ send multiple calls to 1 trunk for specified duration using additional servers
  • Scheduled email reports

Solution Architecture

Graphical Reporting

Call Listing

AQuA analysis details

Creating new echo test


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