Sevana announces availability of Sevana QualTest – mobile test probe application to evaluate network conditions and voice quality in cellular networks.

Barcelona, Spain – February 26, 2018 –Sevana Oü announces availability of a mobile test probe application, a new product that allows discovering network conditions and voice quality in VoIP and cellular networks. This Android application is built on Sevana Passive Voice Quality Analyzer (PVQA) and Sevana AQuA (Audio Quality Analyzer), which are audio quality assessment technologies based on proprietary Sevana algorithms providing detection of voice quality impairments and Mean Opinion Score prediction according to ITU-T P.800 standard.

Typically, there are two types of a voice quality test: active and passive, which means making a test call to evaluate voice quality or trying to analyze real call data. Sevana technologies do both and together with QualTest application suite one can enable such test scenarios over wireless or cellular network as mobile to mobile, messenger to messenger, mobile to PSTN and many others receiving both network and sound quality metrics. “QualTest application suite is a powerful multitool for network and voice engineers to analyze audio quality in cellular and wireless networks”, says Dmytro Bogovych, Head of Development Sevana Oü.

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Sevana is a technology company focusing on voice and sound quality analysis tools and technologies for telecommunications service providers. Sevana is vendor of several techniques related to comprehensive waveform analysis with in-house research and development.




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