After looking for free software as had been set, we became aware of the Finnish company Sevana Oy, which is specialized in softwares for the evaluation of the quality of voice and sound: among the software product suite it also features AQuA, a professional tool for performance evaluation of audio communications. The program is used for professional testings on the evaluation of the sound and the Finnish company cooperates with major European and Asian markets.
As a result, it is assumed that the final configuration for AQuA is considerable optimal for the evaluation of a conversation between two VoIP users with PCMU 8000 encoding. In order to evaluate the impact of different applicable security systems, call records (about fifteen seconds lenght) were compared, monitoring the quality of the source (client side) and the one received by Asterisk before forwarding to the destination.

Massimiliano Baratella


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Sevana’s AQuA has been an asset to CallFire Inc. in our quest to assess audio quality on a continual basis.
After months of searching for an effective audio scoring tool, we were pleasantly surprised with the efficiency and value found in AQuA. Working with Sevana was uncomplicated, and the initial trial setup was well supported. Following the preliminary trial period, we implemented AQuA into our permanent automated audio quality infrastructure. AQuA allows CallFire to monitor audio quality on our network in real-time, which accentuates our ability to respond to concerns in real-time.
After utilizing AQuA for a year, we’ve been able to detect and subsequently resolve numerous issues surrounding audio quality. AQuA is an invaluable and reliable tool, at a more than justifiable cost.

Shannon Donohue

CallFire Solutions Team

It is possible to state that Sevana Oy’s AQuA is a great and reliable speech and audio quality assessment tool. Through my MSc Thesis/Dissertation research I was able to confirm that AQuA’s performance was closer to the real ‘Mean Opinion Scores’ expected, when compared with ITU’s PESQ.
In GSM tests AQuA and PESQ showed similar performances. However, AQuA clearly outperformed PESQ in all UMTS (WCDMA) tests, showing itself to be a better solution for CDMA based technologies.Personally, I recommend the use of this tool as a mean to assess speech quality in these two tested cellular technologies, even considering it is not a standardized tool.

Bruno Daniel Moreira Leite

Download full text of the Master thesis

Callvine Inc is please to recommend Sevana’s AQuA – Audio Quality Analyzer. After searching for a solution to assess the audio quality of our group calling service, we examined several solutions from different vendors. During the trial period Sevana was responsive and we received excellent support. After a successful trial we have integrated the AQuA analyzer into our test automation infrastructure. AQuA allows us to know in near real-time the audio quality of our group calling service. The product offers excellent value for the cost, and the service and support is solid.Callvine, based in Austin, Texas, is revolutionizing mobile group communications with innovative, powerful applications and services for the latest smartphones. Built on a $10 million investment in telecom and messaging infrastructure, Callvine’s platform delivers a next generation of collaboration tools to both consumers and mobile professionals.

Brendan Sterne

QA Lead, Callvine

Confirm Solutions is lucky to have had the pleasure to work with Sevana. We found that we have been treated with respect, the services were under-promised and over-delivered, as well as, very affordable. Sevana immediately responded to our initial inquiry and provided our company with the necessary custom audio tools in unbeatable turn-around time. We thank Sevana for their continued support and hope to find more opportunities to work with them in the future.

David Gray

Chief Technical Officer, Confirm Solutions

Sevana is our partner in product development, supplying the technical platforms to our new-generation Adaptrieve ® Document Management Solutions. Sevana’s innovative approach and the high technical quality of their work enable us to provide our customers with modern and reliable solutions and excellent support.Sevana is also a true professional in managing their development projects. We are continuously impressed by their ability to make the right work estimates and keep the agreed schedules and costs. I’m sure that working together with Sevana will impress you, too.

Markku Aromaa

CEO, Arconnet Business Solutions Oy

We have been working with Sevana for the last year or so, and are very happy with our cooperation. Cooperation is the keyword, because working with Sevana has given us more than just a subcontractor. They have proven to be more like a partner, giving both feedback and qualified input throughout all our projects.
In every project Sevana has given us a feeling of security and it really shines through that Sevana and its employees take pride in delivering quality in every part of a project.We can warmly recommend Sevana to those interested in outsourcing development, and are sure that Sevana will be a qualified partner to them as well.

Erik Aaskoven

CEO, efaktum Ltd, Denmark


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