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Sevana QualTest is a mobile test probe application which checks current network conditions and estimates voice quality in mobile networks. QualTest is a mobile application for Android powered devices that can work in both VoIP and cellular networks.


  • A powerful tool for end-to-end and single-ended call testing
  • Objective MOS score prediction
  • Call audio quality metrics collection and analysis

Utilized by

  • Mobile operators
  • Telecom service providers
  • Telecom solution providers
  • 3G, 4G/LTE test and measurement
  • Test engineers
  • Individuals

Designed to:

  • Learn about voice quality in cellular or VoIP network
  • Discover reasons for possible voice quality loss


  • Measuring network RTT, jitter and packet loss for VoIP calls
  • Finding MOS score for all calls using reference audio or real call audio
  • Waveform analysis to correlate audio problems with network conditions
  • Analyze both cellular* and VoIP calls
  • Easy to use and share test results

Available for Android OS.

* Together with Sevana HASQ app and cable adapter.


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