Being experts in Asterisk based dialers for quality testing, we have been requested to use our expertise in developing a dialer for the NIPO CATI system. The resulting product is the Sevana CATI Dialer.

Although our dialer has been designed to work with the NIPO CATI software, it can easily be adapted to other CATI systems, as well.

Our dialer can use any Asterisk-based system to bring telephony to you: starting from a small Askozia box, through FreePBX up to Switchvox.

Asterisk and VoIP

Asterisk is the #1 open source telephony solution and therefore most companies can use our dialer software. A wide range of VoIP phones, hardware cards are supported and available. One can rely on our expertise when wishing to tune, redesign and improve current installation. We have over 10 years of Asterisk experience.


We try to achieve optimal functionality of our software with continuous improvements and development. Still we strive to keep our software as simple as possible (but not more than needed). Thus we can offer our solution at a very attractive price compared with other CATI dialer solutions.


One can use the standard asterisk reporting GUI to inspect productivity or other agents: AsternicCC, QueueMetrics, fop2,…

Our dialer has a simple, user-friendly GUI for  configuration. It gives a possibility to focus on the job (not the tool).

Predictive dialing

Sevana CATI Dialer supports predictive dialing that helps to improve productivity up to 500% compared to manual dialing.


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