22.02.2016 Warsaw, Poland. Tallinn, Estonia – February 22, 2016 – Netscan sp. z o. o. and Sevana Oü today announce their partnership on design and development of a modern real time call quality monitoring system for mobile operators, a new product that enables real time RTP monitoring. The solution is built on NetScan monitoring system,  NetProbe 10G and Sevana Passive Voice Quality Analyzer (PVQA).
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 26.02.2018 Barcelona, Spain – February 26, 2018 –Sevana Oü announces availability of a mobile test probe application, a new product that allows discovering network conditions and voice quality in VoIP and cellular networks. This Android application is built on Sevana Passive Voice Quality Analyzer (PVQA) and Sevana AQuA (Audio Quality Analyzer), which are audio quality assessment technologies based on proprietary Sevana algorithms.
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