NetScan_lBGNetscan is a technology company providing a powerful, flexible network monitoring system that extracts information directly from the control and user plane and makes it accessible in real-time. In addition to full, end-to-end capabilities, NetScan offers continuous monitoring of 100% of transactions in real-time, ensuring that no data is lost or information missed. All transactions in the network are captured, processed, consolidated and stored for real-time or historic reporting offering important features for mobile operators.



K-Open GmbH is a consulting company founded by Stanislav Sinyagin (CCIE #5478) in 2007. The company provides professional services to its customers in Switzerland and around the Globe. Among our customers are state entities, telecommunication providers, and other businesses.


digital-mind-dev-logo2DMD Ltd. develops business applications utilising modern software platforms and frameworks for customers working in manufacturing and IT industries from Russia, Finland and Germany.


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