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We are happy to announce that our partner business Sevana Software released online service that is offering AQuA test measurements. Doing basic voice quality tests with default AQuA parameters is absolutely free and service usage is quite straight forward:

– Upload uncompressed reference audio file in .wav format;
– Upload uncompressed degraded (under test) audio file in .wav format;
– Select what file(s) to test against what file(s) from available uploads;
– Check default set of AQuA parameters and applies changes by turning corresponding switches on/off or providing numerical      values for where appropriate;
– System invokes AQuA engine and makes on the fly test by comparing two audio files;
– After test execution service creates correspondent records and test report files that one can download and listen to them (via embedded Jscript player with a waveform view), parameters used for the test,

On top of that AQuA report.txt contents includes additional metrics and reasons for audio quality loss, and spectrum graph data one can download as a CSV file.

There is possibility to use AQuA Online service remotely via HTTP based API that implements POST method to send reference and degraded files and receive back the return parameters (% and MOS) as text. Test results are stored in database under user’s account, so that the user can check them later by logging into the web site.

AQuA Online screenshot



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Would you like to share your thoughts?

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